Swine Health

The Manitoba pork industry prides itself on having one of the highest swine health statuses in the world. A combination of our climate, our herd health management strategies, and our biosecurity practices has helped to develop this reputation. Manitoba pork producers develop their herd health management strategies in collaboration with their herd veterinarian, and are encouraged to have continuous conversations with their herd veterinarian to continue to maintain or improve their herd’s health and productivity.

Manitoba Pork strives to provide producers with information that will help to safeguard their herds’ health, including new and emerging disease issues, and resources to help bolster biosecurity. Manitoba Pork also engages in surveillance activities to facilitate rapid detection of disease, as well as preparedness activities to determine how to respond to a new or emerging disease prior to it being detected.

Producers can help Manitoba Pork respond quickly to a new threat by signing this Sharing of Information Waiver and providing it to their herd veterinarian, which will allow him or her to share the herd’s health status with other veterinarians and Manitoba Pork.

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