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Environmental campaign continues

Manitoba farmers follow the strictest environmental regulations in North America and will continue to do so even after the proposed changes recently introduced by the provincial government. There is no credible scientific evidence showing that any measurable amount of pig manure gets into waterways. In fact, with all of the advances in manure application and the numerous laws on manure storage, handling and application, the impact of hog farming on the environment is, and will continue to be, negligible. Pig manure is a natural, renewable, locally sourced, organic fertilizer. When crop farmers add manure to the soil, it is not foreign to it - it actually enriches and helps to build the soil to grow plants.

Farmers are environmentalists at heart. We raise our families and support our communities in the same place we have our operations. We would never jeopardize the people we care about or the work that supports our lifestyle. It is important that we convey this message to Manitobans, to counter unfounded claims about our industry. To that end, readers of this Saturday’s Winnipeg Free Press and Brandon Sun will see another message from me, on behalf of Manitoba hog farmers, again detailing the ste we take to protect waterways and highlighting the value of our industry to the province.

Please look for my message in the weekend papers, or click here to read it on Manitoba Pork's website right now.

George Matheson, Chair
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