Estimating Soil Phosphorus Budgets For Rural Municipalities in Manitoba

Project: MLMMI 2010-19-L


The objective of this review is to provide phosphorus budget estimates for each Rural Municipality in agro-Manitoba by updating the existing phosphorus budget model using 2011 Statistics Canada data for cattle and pigs.


Mehdi Arzandeh, University of Manitoba,
Petra Loro, Livestock Environment Specialist, Agri-Environment Knowledge Centre, MAFRI,
Dr. Wole Akinremi, Soil Science, University of Manitoba (project leader)
Dr. Derek Brewin, Agri-Business & Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba (project leader)


Status: Completed
Started: 2010-10-15
Completed: 2013-05-31

Funding Partners: who have contributed to MLMMI in support of this project:
Manitoba Pork Council - $17,000
Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative (ARDI) under the Canada-Manitoba Growing Forward Initiative - $17,000

Amount Funded: $34,000.00
Performer Funded: $5,000.00
Total Cost: $39,000.00


First progress report due January 2, 2011.
Final report due October 31, 2011.


Regional phosphorus (P) budgets provide insight into the P status of a region. They provide preliminary information on the sustainability of the fertility practices in a region and they could be incorporated into future policies on livestock development. The objective of this project is to provide P budget estimates for each Rural Municipality in agro-Manitoba.


Final Report
Fact Sheet

Manitoba Pork represents 614 Manitoba hog farms