Development of a Treatment Technology using Lime, Lime-clay Combination and Plant Derived Phyto chemicals for Eliminating Odour from Hog Operations

Project: MLMMI 98-01-23


  1. To develop a highly efficient lime arid lime-clay based precipitation system to remove sulphur-containing amino acids, SOD, COD and near-colloidal solids from hog manure.
  2. To develop a process for inhibiting the microbial metabolism of sulphur and sulphur compounds under anaerobic conditions using specific phytochemicals.
  3. To develop a process to eliminate the volatilization of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and mercaptans from hog manure using lime and or lime-clay combination.


Guranathan Lakshman,
Systems Ecotechnologies Inc.


Status: Completed
Started: 1998-08-26
Completed: 1999-07-07

Funding Partners: who have contributed to MLMMI in support of this project:
Manitoba Pork Council and industry groups - $45,000

Amount Funded: $45,000.00
Performer Funded: $0.00
Total Cost: $45,000.00


Final Report due May 26, 1999; received July 7/99.
Further Development: See MLMMI 99-01-34 Economic Feasibility Study to Determine Cost & Market Competitiveness of Technology.


Many products currently on the market are designed to mask the odour or deodorize the air rather than affect the actual production. This study describes a technology which acts on the root cause of these odours � ammonia and sulphur compounds in the manure. The process removes almost all the sulphur compounds from the manure and captures manure to produce clear, odour-free water which can be recycled as barn wash or for watering horticultural crops.

The process produces efficient solid separation and results in a nutrient-rich, odour-free sludge which, because of its high sulphur content, is a value-added product for application on crops, especially canola, mustard and alfalfa.

The system can be set up to provide continuous treatment of, manure pit discharges for hog operations. It uses non-toxic and non-hazardous inorganic chemicals which benefit the soil. It also benefits hog farmers by reducing manure pumping, storage and disposal costs.


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