Emergency Response Unit (trailer roll-over)

Contact the Livestock Emergency Response Unit at: 1-888-805-6630

Manitoba has two Livestock Emergency Response Units – based in Blumenort and Brandon, Manitoba – on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The units respond to transport-related emergencies involving livestock, such as livestock trailer roll-overs, accidents and corralling of loose livestock from roadways. The response teams are trained at handling these emergencies and experienced at working with other first responders.

The units and their response teams are equipped to:

  • Mark and cordon off the area to keep people and livestock safe
  • Corral loose animals
  • Help cut open tipped trailers safely and unload uninjured animals
  • Load uninjured animals onto a trailer* for onward transport
  • Euthanize injured animals

*If the owner of the livestock cannot source a trailer for onward transport, one that is appropriate for the size and number of animals can be arranged through the emergency phone number. Please request one on the call if this will be necessary.