Delicious, marbled strips of bacon, getting ready for packaging.

Sharing the Joy of Bacon

Who clicked over just to stare at the bacon? We understand — bacon makes our mouths water just as much as it does yours. Bacon is well loved the world over for its taste and versatility, from salads to BLTs to burgers.

What a happy coincidence it is that we live in the Bacon Capital of Canada! That’s right, Manitoba produces more bacon than anywhere else in the country — over 38 million kilograms. That bacon then makes its way into stores at home and around North America, making up a big portion of the more than $1.7 billion the pork sector contributes to our province’s economy every year.

Watch the videos below to see the difference Manitoba’s hog farmers are making now in rural communities.


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Bacon: Where It’s Made

Take a look inside Maple Leaf Foods’ Winnipeg plant, the world-class facility that gives us the title of Bacon Capital. Now employing over 1,900 people, it was dubbed Maple Leaf’s Bacon Centre of Excellence after the first expansion was announced in 2016. Watch the video now.


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Delicious Manitoba bacon is produced by your neighbours. It’s hard to make your daily protein tastier than this.

Download our bacon recipe book.


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Manitoba’s pork industry employs thousands of people around the province. What attracts so many people? Watch this video for a rundown — there are too many reasons to list here!


Popular Bacon Recipes

Bacon Rural 1

B.L.A.T. Wrap with Bacon Mayo

Bacon Rural 1

Ooey-Gooey Bacon Tarts

Manitoba Pork represents 624 Manitoba hog farms