ACC Apprentice Program

The Pork Production Technician Program Online E-Learning initiative is a two year program. The course has three ten week blocks of technical training that follows the school year. Each week students are expected to spend approximately 3-4 hours of in home study and one session of 60-90 minutes for online engagement with the instructor and other students.

Courses include trade safety, communication, production record keeping, stockmanship, pig anatomy and physiology, breeding and gestation, farrowing, pig health care, nursery, grow/finish, biosecurity, barn systems, and maintenance.

Per student: Employer receives $20,000 in tax credits over a 4 year period. Tax credit information can received by phoning Jeanette Wazny at 204-945-0762. Student cost is $50 for application and $400 for the course.

Course arrangements can be made through:

Ian Smith
Manitoba Jobs and Skill Development
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Phone: 204-391-2023
Fax: 204-948-2346