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Oriental Pork Back Ribs

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  • Cut: Ribs
  • Prep Time (Minutes): 30
  • Cook Time (Minutes): 4.5-5.5 hrs
  • Number of Servings: 6


2 racks pork back ribs
1 cup / 250 mL orange juice
½ cup / 125 mL light soy sauce
2 Tbsp / 30 mL unseasoned rice vinegar
1 Tbsp / 15 mL sesame oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp / 10 mL red pepper flakes
¼ tsp / 1 mL ground ginger
¼ cup / 50 mL packed brown sugar
2 Tbsp / 30 mL cornstarch
2 Tbsp / 30 mL cold water
2 Tbsp / 30 mL sesame seeds, toasted
2 green onions, thinly sliced on a diagonal


  1. Lift and peel membrane from the back of each rack of ribs. Slice ribs into single rib portions.
  2. Set oven to broil. On foil-lined baking sheet, broil ribs until lightly browned, 8-10 minutes per side. Transfer ribs to slow cooker.
  3. In large measuring cup, combine orange juice, soy sauce, vinegar, oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and ginger. Stir in brown sugar until dissolved. Pour mixture over ribs.
  4. Cover and cook on LOW, 3-4 hours or until meat easily pulls away from bone without falling off. Stir halfway during cooking time to ensure exposed ribs are as tender as those immersed in sauce.
  5. Remove ribs from slow cooker. Keep warm.
  6. In small bowl, mix cornstarch with water until smooth; add to slow cooker, stirring continuously.
  7. Turn heat to HIGH. Cook, uncovered, until sauce is slightly thickened, about 15 minutes.
  8. Return ribs to slow cooker. Toss to coat with sauce. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and green onion.

Tip: For a complete meal, add 1 ½ cups / 375 mL shredded carrot to sauce prior to thickening with cornstarch mixture. Serve ribs over white rice with sauce.

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