PEDv: Town Hall phone-in meeting Friday, January 31 noon to 1p.m.

Karl Kynoch, Chair of Manitoba Pork, invites all industry stakeholders to participate in a teleconference on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) on Friday, January 31 from noon to 1:00 p.m.

To participate, phone:
877-229-8493    PIN: 112412

The call will allow producers to find out the latest news in how this disease is spreading in the U.S. and now into Ontario. Manitoba Pork and government officials will outline what measures are being taken to test for the presence of the disease in Manitoba, and what will be done if a case of infection was to be found on a farm in the province. All producers are reminded that they need to work closely with their veterinarian to ensure they are meeting the very highest bio-security standards on the their farms. The disease can be contained and herds will recover if everyone co-operates for the good of the community.

Ontario Pork PEDv update

Ontario has now confirmed four cases of PEDv.
1. Middlesex County - farrow-to-finish
2. Chatham Kent - wean-to-finish
3. Chatham Kent - wean-to-finish
4. Norfolk County - farrow-to-finish

Current Activity:
-Farms have stopped movement of all swine and are working with their veterinarians and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food to assess next steps.
-Based on what we know of the disease and its progression, options for on-farm next steps are being discussed with producers and plants to ensure the orderly flow of animal movement through the supply chain.
- The frequency of sampling has increased as suspect cases grow.
- Surveillance to check for PEDv is being conducted at plants and assembly yards and trucks going to and from the U.S. and now within Ontario.
- We are recommending all producers review bio-security protocols and put clean and disinfection measures in place immediately.
Ontario's Ministry of Agriculture and Food is posting PEDv updates to their website. Click here for a direct link. 

Learn more on PEDv:
Bio-security guidelines
More information on PEDv
For proper washing, disinfecting and drying protocols, click here.

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