Protein Match-Up

When calories count - pork wins! See what 24 grams of pork looks like alongside other foods.

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All Retailed Canadian Pork is Antibiotic-free

Canadian hog farmers are committed to following the highest quality standards. The responsible use of antibiotics by farmers means you're able to purchase pork products with confidence, knowing that they are safe and nutritious.

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Creative Charcuterie: Home entertaining with Manitoba Pork

Charcuterie is the craft of salting, smoking, curing and drying meat products, primarily those made from pork. Building your charcuterie board lets you show off your creative side without much fuss.

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Perfect Canadian Pork Roasts: Your guide to roasting the world's favourite pork

There is nothing like the smell of a juicy pork roast cooking in the oven! Don't forget to plan other meals with the leftovers – shaved leftover pork on a bun, strips for wraps, pitas or salads, diced pork for casseroles.

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Thrill of the Grill: Your guide to grilling the world's favourite pork

During grilling season, nothing beats thick, juicy pork chops and steaks, or other delicious pork cuts, sizzling on the barbecue.

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Delicious Slow-Cooked Canadian Pork: Your guide to braising, pot roasting and stewing the world's favourite pork

When the cold weather sets in, it’s time to get cozy with delicious comfort food – full-flavour fare that uses seasonal vegetables and budget friendly cuts of meat.

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Pork: A Natural Source of Protein

Pork has all the essential amino acids or 'building blocks' needed for optimal health in every bite.

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Team up in the kitchen with Team Jennifer Jones

These elite curlers know that lean, high quality and affordable protein is a key part of success on and off the ice. Check out the links for each player’s favourite recipe!