Social Needs and Community

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The heart of our sustainability focus is about making a positive contribution to society - to the lives of Manitobans and to the communities in which we live and operate in. We do this every day by: producing a healthy source of protein that families can afford, creating a livelihood for 14,000 Manitobans, helping to keep families together by creating jobs in rural communities, donating over 2,000 pounds of pork annually to Manitobans in poverty and volunteering thousands of hours to communities across the province.

Healthy and Affordable Protein

Pork is a high-quality protein, rich in key vitamins and minerals. All retailed Canadian pork is antibiotic, growth hormone and steroid free. Delicious, affordable and versatile, pork provides a vast array of meal options. To learn more, click here

Building Communities

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Manitoba's pork sector is proud to be one of the few sources of new job creation in rural areas. We believe there are few social contributions that have a more positive impact on people’s lives than access to a good job. These jobs enable Manitobans to live and work close to the people and communities they love.

Hog farmers and processors strengthen their connections to the community by contributing their time, skills and resources. Coaching sports teams, leading 4-H clubs, participating in local initiatives and supporting charities are a few of the ways they give back to their communities.   

Watch a one-minute video clip on how Manitoba Pork helps build communities across the province.

Pork Provides

On behalf of Manitoba hog farmers and processors, Manitoba Pork is proud to donate thousands of pounds of pork products annually to those in need. Past recipients include Siloam Mission, Winnipeg Harvest, South East Helping Hands, Share Our Strength and Brandon's Samaritan House Ministries.