Pork Nutritents

Pork is a powerhouse of nutrition!

Pork contains many of the nutrients recommended by Health Canada. Every bite provides high quality protein, energy, and key vitamins and minerals.

Did you know?

  • All pork cuts, with the exception of ribs, qualify as “lean” or “extra lean” and fit well into a healthy eating plan.
  • Fresh pork cuts are naturally tender and low in sodium.
  • Fresh pork contains no trans-fat or hydrogenated fat. The only meats that contain trans-fat are from ruminant animals (beef, lamb, goat).
  • The fat in pork is mostly in the form of poly- and mono-unsaturated.
  • Pork is the leading food source of thiamin, an essential B vitamin.
  • Canadian pork is 44% leaner than in the 1970s, due to improved breeding and feeding practices.
  • Pork is classified as a “red” meat because it contains more myoglobin (an oxygen holding protein) than chicken or fish.
  • A serving of lean, trimmed, cooked pork is about the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand.

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