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Serving the interests of Manitoba hog farmers

Manitoba Pork is the representative organization for all pork producers in Manitoba, with a mission to foster the sustainability and prosperity of the hog sector for the good of pork producers and all Manitobans. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of sector programs, including quality assurance and food safety, animal care, human resources and training, environmental stewardship, swine production research, promotions and consumer education, public affairs and international market development. We work in partnership with governments and stakeholders to build and sustain a prosperous sector.

Manitoba Pork celebrates Manitoba 150!

Market Outlook

*As of 10/23/20. Weekly prices courtesy Hams Marketing Services Co-op Inc. For more pricing information, call 204-233-4991. MLSig4 program.

Click here for the Government of Manitoba's Market Livestock Prices

Week Ending   $/ckg     ¢/lb

05-Dec-20 150.44
12-Dec-20 151.84
19-Dec-20 150.90
26-Dec-20 147.40

02-Jan-21 143.21
09-Jan-21 135.66
16-Jan-21 138.23
23-Jan-21 143.83
30-Jan-21 145.93

06-Feb-21 149.43
13-Feb-21 151.53
20-Feb-21 149.89
27-Feb-21 148.49

06-Mar-21 147.49
13-Mar-21 150.76
20-Mar-21 153.79
27-Mar-21 153.79

03-Apr-21 153.09
10-Apr-21 156.27
17-Apr-21 161.87
24-Apr-21 161.87

01-May-21 158.61
08-May-21 157.32
15-May-21 158.95
22-May-21 164.08
29-May-21 169.21

05-Jun-21 171.78
12-Jun-21 174.81
19-Jun-21 176.21
26-Jun-21 180.41

03-Jul-21 180.87
10-Jul-21 178.73
17-Jul-21 176.63
24-Jul-21 176.16
31-Jul-21 177.33

07-Aug-21 180.83
14-Aug-21 180.83
21-Aug-21 174.76
28-Aug-21 170.10




Click here for the
Government of Manitoba's
Market Livestock Prices

Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms