Manitoba Hog Grading

Manitoba Hog Grading Inc. (MHGI) represents the interests of hog producers and processors in Manitoba. Its mission is to provide a carcass grading service that is effective and cost efficient and to deliver this service for hog producers and pork processors in Manitoba.

In 1997 the four large, federally inspected processors and Manitoba Pork founded MHGI as a grading service when Agriculture Canada decided to relinquish its grading program. MHGI’s board of directors was chosen from the members, with equal representation from producers and processors. The manager originally hired grading staff and oversaw training, but in 2000 grading staff became plant employees, allowing the manager to perform grader training and audits.

MHGI’s board and staff follow a set of procedures and standards to ensure fair treatment of both producer and processor. It is also the grading company’s responsibility to review procedures and standards from time to time to see if they are adequate or if they have to change to reflect the needs of the sector.

MHGI strives to:

  • Ensure accurate use of carcass grading equipment to yield consistent results;
  • Improve cost of labour efficiencies through the adoption of new technologies and carcass evaluation systems to enhance return to packers and producers;
  • Adopt welfare practices that enhance meat quality; and
  • Keep producer members aware of company activities through proactive extension efforts.

To contact MHGI Grading Auditor Jason Care:
Phone: 204-237-7447
Fax: 204-237-9831

Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms