Manitoba pork producers devote their time and care in raising their pigs and want to ensure they are always handled and transported safely and humanely. Stockpersons are trained to handle the animals safely and with minimal stress to the animals. For access to our pig handling training videos, click here.

Pig transporters in Manitoba are held to a high standard as outlined in:

For recommendations from the TQA program on how to prepare pigs and trailers for extreme weather conditions during transportation, click here.

Fitness for Transport

Click here to access a decision tree to help you decide if a pig should be loaded for transport.

For a pictographic poster to help stockpersons and transporters quickly assess the status of pigs prior to loading them for transport, contact Manitoba Pork at 204-237-7447 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alberta Farm Animal Care Association and Alberta Pork have also developed a guide – Humane Handling Guidelines for Pigs: Standards for the Care of Compromised and Unfit Animals – to help pork producers quickly assess pigs and make decisions about the care of compromised and unfit pigs.


For recommendations on biosecurity for pig transporters and to find out how they can help protect the health of the Manitoba pig herd, click here.

Transport archives: Pigs in Transit: Handling and Transportation Guide booklet.