Manure Handling


Biosecure Manure Pumping Protocols for Pork Producers – National Pork Board (US):
Manure haulers should have a separate access way at the farm to access the manure storage area; they should not cross the same path as farm and delivery vehicles/workers. Farm personnel and equipment need to avoid any direct contact with manure hauling personnel and equipment.

Biosecure Manure Pumping Protocols for Manure Applicators – National Pork Board

Considerations for Manure Application – Ontario Pork

Washing of Manure Application Equipment Research – Ontario Pork:
Manure application equipment should be flushed, cleaned and disinfected as much as possible between applications. Applicators should try to avoid dragging/dropping manure on roadways and in yards.

Characteristics of Selected Disinfectants – CFSPH Iowa State University

Disinfectants Proven Effective against Coronaviruses – EQSP:
Disinfectants act to inactivate pathogens and can be extremely effective when applied to a visually clean surface. Different disinfectants have different effectiveness against different pathogens, depending on their type, concentration, and contact time. Only certain disinfectants are effective against coronaviruses, such as PEDv.

Disinfection in Freezing Temperatures – EQSP:
At temperatures below freezing, propylene glycol (PG) can be added to disinfectants to delay them from freezing and allow adequate contact time to kill pathogens. As much as 40% PG (by volume) must be used in the disinfectant solution to allow adequate contact time below -20°C.

For updated information about PEDv in manure, visit Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative’s website.


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