Producer & Farm Premises Registration

Producer Registration Forms

All individuals who market pigs within the Province of Manitoba are required to register with Manitoba Pork in accordance with the Manitoba Hog Producers Marketing Plan Regulation.

To register as a pork producer with Manitoba Pork, fill out this Producer Registration Form and submit it to Manitoba Pork.

Premises Registrations

Manitoba Pork registers all swine premises on behalf of Manitoba Agriculture in accordance with the Animal Premises Identification Regulation.

To register your swine premise(s) with Manitoba Pork and Manitoba Agriculture, fill out this Premises Registration Form and submit it to Manitoba Pork. Premises that change ownership must re-register. Swine premises that are not marketing pigs within Manitoba can also register with Manitoba Agriculture directly.

All people that transport pigs between premises must report their movements to PigTRACE Canada, the national swine traceability system. In addition, all farms that market pigs to federally-inspected processing plants in Manitoba, and those farms that supply them, must be registered on the Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) program or PigSAFE | Pig CARE.


Arne Thorlacius
Industry Services Coordinator
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Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms