Advance Payments Program

The Manitoba Pork Credit Corporation (MPCC) administers the Advance Payments Program (APP) for the hog sector in Manitoba. MPCC operates from the offices of Manitoba Pork, but is a separate entity with its own board of directors.

The APP is made available to Canadian farmers through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Under the program, eligible producers (who must own the animals covered under the program) are able to receive a cash advance up to a limit of $400,000. The first $100,000 is interest-free, allowing producers to meet short-term financial obligations. The cash advance is available for weaned piglets, feeder pigs, market hogs, and breeding stock (gilts, sows and boars). Livestock is not eligible once it has been sent for slaughter.

For more information on the APP contact:
Randy Ozunko, Advance Payments Program Manager
Phone: 204-233-1913
Fax: 204-233-7078
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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