Manitoba Pork is a mandatory industry association committed to delivering the very best industry programs that will continue to build and sustain the Manitoba pork industry. Manitoba Pork deals with all aspects of the industry except marketing of live hogs. Producers must pay a levy of $0.80 per market hog and $0.19 per weanling to Manitoba Pork.

Our activities are guided by an elected/appointed Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of 10 directors, of which four represent geographic districts (East and West), two represent Hutterite Brethren districts (North Star Producers, Hutter Schwein), two represent production districts (Maple Leaf Agri-Farms Ltd. and HyLife Ltd.) and two are elected as directors-at large. 

Manitoba Pork also has a group of 20 producers who fill the roles of District Advisors. They actively represent local producer interests to the Board of Directors and provide opinion or preference on issues, as well as initiate and assist with policy development and promote and enhance the industry to the general public.

Board members and staff are pledged to serve the interests of all Manitoba hog producers. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of industry programs such as quality assurance and food safety, animal care, human resources and training, environmental stewardship, swine production research, promotions and consumer education, public affairs and international market development. We work in partnership with governments and industry stakeholders to build and sustain a prosperous industry.