Environmental Practices

Manitoba pork producers are excellent stewards of the land. They use highly sophisticated techniques and best management practices to reduce odour, greenhouse gases and run-off into waterways. An example of one of the sophisticated techniques used by our pork producers is precision manure application, using GPS-guided auto-steer tractors for injection. For more information on this practice, click on the following links:

Embracing a Sustainable Future: Acting Locally, Thinking Globally: A copy of Manitoba Pork’s 2011 green plan with 82 commitments on improving Manitoba’s hog sustainability. Click here for a summarized version of the full report. Note that both of these documents are in the process of being updated.

What to do and what not to do about phosphorus in Agro-Manitoba: A report from Steve Sheppard, noted soil scientist, de-bunking some of the myths about phosphorus and manure in Manitoba soils.

Manure Matters (video)

Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms