Research on Manure

For two decades, the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative (MLMMI) was an entity which directed and managed funds for research projects on manure-related issues. The MLMMI was originally set up by the Government of Manitoba, in cooperation with Manitoba Pork, and operated from 1999 to mid-2018, with funding provided by the provincial government and by industry – primarily Manitoba Pork. The initiative instigated and coordinated approximately 101 research projects over its existence, with total spending of almost $9 million. Research projects often had other funding sources, such as the federal government.

The MLMMI was managed by a full-time executive director and an independent, part-time, volunteer board of directors, which was made up of 15-20 members and met four to six times a year. Board members included academics, industry professionals (engineers, soil scientists, agronomists, etc.), provincial government experts and industry representatives from the various livestock commodity groups. all MLMMI-funded research was on issues related to livestock manure, including: handling, application, storage, transportation, treatment, odour and nutrient management. Numerous important discoveries were made and the results of the research helped guide government policy and regulatory changes and implementation.

In order to preserve the important works of the MLMMI as the initiative wound down, the MLMMI created three videos (three long versions, plus three short summaries) describing the work that was done over the years. The videos are broken down into three subject areas: Odour, Nutrient Stewardship and Storage & Handling. As well, Manitoba Pork agreed to house all of the 101 manure-related research papers funded by the MLMMI on the Manitoba Pork website so that they would always be accessible.

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