CRFPCP Forms & Resources

The following documents outline the program’s expectations of pork producers.

Annex (e) T – The Complete CRFPCP Manual

Annex 5 – On-Site Enrollment Assessment Checklist (for PID sites and on-farm feed mills)

  • This must be completed for sites enrolling onto the program for the first time, or those that have an expired CQA status, and sent to the slaughter plant.
  • It should be signed by the site operator and only needs to be completed once as long as the site operator is the same and the site maintains a valid CQA status.

Annex 2 – Agreement with Slaughter Plant to Comply with the CRFPCP for the Finishing Barn Component

  • This must be completed and sent to the slaughter plant with a completed Annex 5.
  • It should be signed by the pig owner and needs to be sent (with the Annex 5) to all slaughter plants receiving market hogs from the site.

Annex 3 – Letter of Guarantee for the Feed Component (from Commercial Feed Facilities)

  • This must be received by the site and its on-farm feed mill, if applicable, from all Commercial Feed Facilities that supply them with feed.

Click here to find a commercial feed facility that is enrolled in CRFPCP.

Annex 5.1 Annual Assessment Checklist (for PID sites and on-farm feed mills)

  • This must be completed annually by a CQA Validator, on the site’s CQA cycle, after an Annex 5 has been completed.

CQA Swine Movement Document (Annex 4) (meets requirements of CRFPCP Annex 4)

  • This can be used for barn-to-barn movements and as a swine manifest for barn-to-slaughter movements of pigs to meet the expectations of the CRFPCP.
  • The statements within this document are mandatory for pig movements into and out of enrolled sites.
  • This document can also be generated through the online PigTrace platform after a movement has been reported, which can happen up to 48 hours before the movement occurs.


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