Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation 

The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) supports the hog sector in Manitoba with its Direct Loans and Diversification Loan Guarantee programs.

MASC’s Direct Loans are available for up to $3.5 million, and can be used for the purchase of farm production buildings, breeding livestock, operating expenses and more. MASC offers attractive fixed and renewable interest rates on Direct Loans, with no penalties for early repayment.

MASC’s Diversification Loan Guarantee program can help hog producers overcome equity or security shortfalls when applying for loans to expand or diversify their hog operations. By guaranteeing a significant portion of a loan, MASC can help make your application more satisfactory to participating private sector lenders in Manitoba. MASC does not cap the maximum principal that can be guaranteed for this program.

MASC also offers an Operating Credit Guarantee on lines of operating credit made to producers by participating private sector lenders, which can be used for general farm expenses, interest payments on existing loans and more.

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Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms

Manitoba Pork

In light of the challenges we are facing with COVID-19, and pursuant to the Government of Manitoba's direction, Manitoba Pork’s office at 28 Terracon Place will be closed from April 1-17, 2020. Manitoba Pork staff are working remotely during this time, and all programs and services will continue to operate. Contact us by phone, fax, email or snail mail.

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