Manitoba Pork’s three standing committees perform an advisory role to the Board of Directors in the implementation of policy as established by the Board of Directors under its mandate. The committees are comprised of directors, district advisors and staff in supporting roles.

Public Relations, Communications, and Learnings Committee:

The purpose of the Public Relations committee is to create positive public awareness and knowledge of Manitoba Pork and its members through its public relations and marketing initiatives in support of its mission, “to foster the sustainability and prosperity of the pork industry for the good of hog farmers and all Manitobans.”

Current members: Scott Peters (Chair), Jonathan Sawatzky (Maple Leaf Foods), Kevin Geisheimer (HyLife), Gerald Waldner, Russ Penner, Doug Martin, Johnny Prejet, Andrea Elias, Rick Prejet (ex-officio), Susan Riese, Kristen Matwychuk, and Joey Dearborn. 

Sustainable Development, Research and Data Management Committee:

The Sustainable Development and Research Committee’s primary purpose is to oversee Manitoba Pork’s research budget.

Since 1999, Manitoba Pork has spent more than $7.6 million on third-party and independent swine-related research and institutional development. We estimate that this has leveraged at least an additional $15 million in research funds from other sources.

Most of the annual research budget goes to organizations such as the University of Manitoba, the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative, the Prairie Swine Centre, Swine Innovation Porc, and the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium. More than 100 swine-related research projects have been funded in whole or in part by Manitoba Pork.

Current members: Rick Bergmann (Chair), James Hofer, Sheldon Stott, Fred Fast, Scott Rempel, William Gould, Evan Rodgers, Jayden Walder, Rick Prejet (ex-officio), Grant Melnychuk, Jeff Clark, and Arne Thorlacius

Swine Health, Animal Care, and Quality Assurance Committee:

This committee meets three times a year to examine the current state of the swine sector, and identify and advise on any deficiencies or areas where improvements can be made in the following areas:

  • Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) program
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Animal Care (incl. health and well-being)
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Traceability

The committee’s advice and recommendations help staff at Manitoba Pork prioritize needs and implement positive changes.

Current Members: Margaret Rempel (chair), Lyle Peters, John Nickel, Henrik Thomsen, Neil Booth, Russ Penner, Doug Martin, Kurt Stoess, Stan Dueck, Rick Prejet (ex-officio), Mark Fynn, Jeff Clark, Jenelle Hamblin, and Rhea Teranishi. 


Anastasia Tertigka
Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Manitoba Pork represents 624 Manitoba hog farms

Manitoba Pork

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