Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network (CWSHIN)

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CWSHIN is a partnership between Manitoba Pork, Sask Pork, Alberta Pork, and BC Pork with technical and financial support from Manitoba Agriculture, Saskatchewan Agriculture, Alberta Agriculture, BC Agriculture and the Western Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians (WCASV). CWSHIN is managed by Dr. Jette Christensen, DVM, PhD.

CWSHIN serves western Canadian veterinarians and pork producers through:

  • Early detection of emerging swine health issues, such as increased prevalence of common diseases or minimizing the impact of new diseases to the sector.
  • Improving control of diseases by integrating response information to regional health issues.
  • Providing western Canadian producers and veterinarians with current regional, national and international disease information.
  • Maintaining international market access by providing evidence of the absence of reportable disease.

Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms