All retailed Canadian pork is antibiotic-free

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Responsible antibiotic use

Sometimes, antibiotics are required to fight infection and disease in both humans and animals. Without the responsible and timely use of antibiotics, bacterial infections and illnesses can spread rapidly on a farm, which endangers the health of our animals and the safety of our food.

If it is determined that antibiotics are needed, they are used sensibly and under strict veterinarian consultation. Manitoba’s hog farmers always seek the solutions that are best for the well-being of their animals, food safety, and the environment.

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Healthy pigs, safe pork

You can buy pork with confidence knowing that Manitoba hog farmers us antibiotics safely, responsibly, and only as directed.


Canadian health regulations prohibit meat products that contain antibiotic residue.

This is why farmers who use antibiotics in their swine herds must following strict dosing schedules, which includes the withdrawal of antibiotics a certain number of days before pigs go to market.

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  • AB Icon1Hog farmers work closely with veterinarians to ensure the health of their animals.
  • AB Icon2Canada has a stringent meat inspection system that ensures only healthy pigs are processed and that no antibiotic residue is present in the meat.
  • AB Icon3All medications used to raise hogs have been approved by Health Canada.
  • AB Icon4Antibiotics are only used to treat hogs when it is known that the medication will provide measurable benefits to maintaining animal health.
  • AB Icon5Hog farmers take care to administer antibiotics properly, as directed on the label and by their vet. This makes for a healthy pig and better food safety down the road.
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RWA isn't just a name

If you see the "Raised without antibiotics" (RWA) label on your pork product, it means that those pigs never received antibiotic treatment at any point in their lives.

If an animal in the RWA program becomes sick, all treatment options are carefully considered to restore the pig’s health. If it is decided that antibiotics are the only practical solution, then that animal is removed from the RWA program.

Though it may no longer receive the RWA designation, you can still rest assured that the pork you buy is free of antibiotics.