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How Pigs Are Raised

Pig farmers care for their animals 365 days a year, including holidays! Maintaining pig health is a farmer's pride and passion.

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Pig Basics Document

Pig Basics

Everything you ever wanted to know about pigs… but didn't know who to ask. Most Canadians (98%) are not farmers and may not know what happens on a Manitoba hog farm. The good news is that farmers want to share their story and talk about how they raise their pigs and produce the pork you eat.

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Short Videos

Video Library

Watch and learn about shelterbelts, barn life, the nutrient cycle, and GPS technology on the farm.

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Fun Activity Sheets

Fun Activity Sheets

Learning about hog farming is lots of fun with this assortment of activity sheets for elementary, junior high and high school students.

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Pork on a Bun

A Manitoba Pork BBQ is a highly anticipated seasonal service provided by Manitoba's pork producers. The Manitoba Pork Grill Team and BBQ cart will come to your event with all the pork, buns, toppings and napkins you'll need, and we'll do the grilling for you.

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Manitoba Pork represents 624 Manitoba hog farms