Fueling Manitoba’s Economy

Sustainability Focus

Manitoba's hog sector is a significant contributor to the provincial economy and greatly enhances the lives of all Manitobans. The sector produces healthy, affordable food using sustainable farming practices, so it can continue to create jobs and economic well-being for future generations.

14,000 Jobs and $1.7 Billion

Manitoba's pork sector contributes over $1.7 billion to our economy annually, helping to create economic stability for all Manitobans. As a sustainable activity that allows families to stay in and support the communities they love, the pork sector is one of few that creates new jobs in rural areas. Over 14,000 Manitobans rely on the pork sector for jobs, including:

  • construction workers
  • electricians
  • veterinarians
  • environmental scientists
  • food production workers
  • feed mill operators
  • transport drivers
  • animal nutritionists

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Quote Jorrie

"Manitoba's pork sector contributes $1.7 billion to the provincial economy annually. The sustainable growth of this valuable sector creates opportunity and stability for all Manitobans."

Chuck Davidson
President and CEO, The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

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