Animal Health is Our Livelihood

Pig Barn Care

The livelihood or our farmers and all the Manitobans who work in the pork industry is fully dependent on the health of the animals we raise, so we share your concerns and work hard to ensure that our livestock is cared for. This is evidenced by the laws governing provision of safe and healthy conditions, a national Animal Code of Practice, as well as strictly enforced laws protecting livestock from mistreatment. The farmers who raise these animals are hard-working Manitobans and they do all they can to care well for them to ensure their health.

Safe and Healthy Living Conditions

A walk through a typical barn in Manitoba will reveal clean conditions where the flooring under the animals is cleaned frequently. The temperature of the barns is monitored rigorously to ensure that they are warm enough in the winter and cooled in the summer. The animals have access to clean water and highly nutritious food that is also appealing to them. Veterinarians monitor the animals on a regular basis to ensure the best possible health. Animals are kept with others of similar age and size to ensure they are safe. And producers have invested millions of dollars in the past five years to create more spacious housing.

National Animal Code of Practice and Laws to Protect Animals

Over the past decade millions of dollars have been invested to both create and train farmers on a national Animal Code of Practice. The Code covers the spectrum of animal care activities from medical procedures and access to food and water, to breeding, nursing practices, housing and handling of animals. A typical Manitoba barn prominently displays the Animal Code of Practice, and farm workers who have been trained in these progressive standards of care are reminded on a daily basis. There are now laws in place to protect the animals from mistreatment and if farmers detect any instances of mistreatment, workers are immediately dismissed.