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People & Culture

The heart of the Manitoba hog sector’s sustainability focus is about making a positive contribution to society – to the lives of Manitobans and to the communities where we live and work.

There are few social contributions that have a more positive impact on people’s lives than access to a good job, and we are proud to be one of the few sources of new job creation in rural areas.


Building Sustainable Communities 

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Manitoba communities fortunate enough to have hog sector involvement are no longer just barely surviving, they are thriving and dynamic. Communities such as Brandon, Neepawa, Roblin, Killarney and Notre Dame de Lourdes, and their surrounding areas, will continue to grow thanks to pork, with residents building new homes, schools and churches, recreational facilities and daycares. Newcomers drawn to Manitoba by jobs in the hog sector are welcomed to Canadian life as our new friends and neighbours.


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Community involvement is an integral part of our culture and identity. Farmers and sector workers strengthen their connections to the community by contributing their time, skills and resources. Coaching sports teams, leading 4-H clubs, participating in local initiatives, and supporting charities are just a few of the ways they give back.


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The physical and mental well-being of sector workers is an ongoing consideration for employers. Providing comprehensive training is a key aspect of recruitment and retention, along with competitive working conditions, fair labour relations, and a safe working environment. If factors beyond our control lead to mental, emotional, behavioural and physical challenges, help is always available through Manitoba’s Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services.


Rural Manitoba Success: New Barn Developments

Rural Manitoba Success

2020 saw continued sustainable expansion of the pork sector in Manitoba, with approximately 6,500 new sow spaces and 37,000 new finishing spaces being applied for and approved this year. This means that there have been over 30 new barns or expansions built in Manitoba since 2017. This totals in over $100 million in private investment in rural Manitoba. Based on preliminary inquiries, Manitoba Pork expects similar barn development activity moving forward. Such continued sustainable expansion of pork production is a significant boon to the rural Manitoba economy. New and expanding operations result in new workers settling into rural communities, creating demand for housing, schooling, and local building trades.


Communities participate in hog barn building approval

Manitoba pork producers play an active role in building strong communities. New barn projects lead to opportunities for rural communities, and economic benefits for all Manitobans. Read more here.

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Building vibrant communities

Manitoba’s hog sector continues to enhance economic strength province-wide, creating jobs in rural communities while producing high-quality and affordable protein. Read more here.

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