Fueling Manitoba’s Economy

As Canada's second-largest exporter, Manitoba produces world-class pork while creating thousands of local jobs. Together, large and small hog farmers are helping rural and urban communities thrive.

Our sector contributes over $1.7 billion to the provincial economy annually, helping to fund education, health care and road maintenance. Over the next decade, about $2 billion will be invested by hog farmers and meat processing companies, creating more jobs and economic growth. New and rebuilt operations will incorporate emerging technologies to improve animal care, cost competitiveness and further reduce the sector’s environmental footprint.

Quote Chuck

"Manitoba's pork sector contributes $1.7 billion to the provincial economy annually. The sustainable growth of this valuable sector creates opportunity and stability for all Manitobans."

Chuck Davidson
President and CEO, The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

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The hog sector is one of few that continues to create new jobs in rural Manitoba. Over 14,000 Manitobans rely on this sector for jobs, including:

  • construction workers
  • electricians
  • veterinarians
  • environmental scientists
  • food production workers
  • feed mill operators
  • transport drivers
  • animal nutritionists

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Manitoba Pork represents 614 Manitoba hog farms