Changes in Manitoba Swine Manure Nutrient and Micronutrients Content Over Time

Project: MLMMI 2017-01


To analyze changes in the composition of Manitoba swine manures over time to ascertain if there has been a change in nutrient and micronutrient levels, and if so, suggest the implications of these changes on the environmental sustainability of Manitoba’s hog industry.


Dr. Steve Sheppard, Sheppard Environmental, Pinawa, MB


Status: In Progress
Started: 2017-06-01
Estimated Completion Date: 2018-06-30

Funding Partners: : This project received support from the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative (MLMMI). MLMMI is funded by the Canada and Manitoba governments through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. MLMMI also receives funds from the Manitoba Pork Council. Growing Forward 2 funding: $19,000 Manitoba Pork Council funding: $19,000 Total amount funded: $38,000

Amount Funded: $38,000.00
Performer Funded: $0.00
Total Cost: $38,000.00

Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms