PED Survivability in manure - phase 1

Project: MLMMI 2014-04


The objective of to sample up to 100% of the hog barns in Manitoba for the presence of PEDv during the summer and fall 2014 manure pumping season in order to substantiate all positive barns. In the case of barns identified as being positive, rigorous analysis will be undertaken in Phase 2 of this project in order to improve our understanding of the survivability of the PED virus in Manitoba soils and Manitoba lagoons, as well as to assess the effectiveness of washing and disinfecting manure application equipment after pumping manure on positive sites.


Manitoba Pork Council


Status: Completed
Started: 2014-07-21
Completed: 2015-01-31

Funding Partners: Manitoba Pork Council

Amount Funded: $10,700.00
Performer Funded: $10,700.00
Total Cost: $21,400.00


Final report due Jan. 31, 2015


All 196 barns that were sampled tested negative for the PED virus. This project provided the vehicle for producers and commercial manure applicators to obtain an additional level of insurance that the manure that was being applied in the 2014 application season was negative for the PED virus. It also provided another data point on the incidence of PEDv in Manitoba barns.


Final Report

Manitoba Pork represents 613 Manitoba hog farms