Purchase of a Dynamic-Dilution Olfactometer for Odour Measurement

Project: MLMMI 98-01-26


To establish an odour sensory laboratory equipped with a dynamic-dilution olfactometer to provide services of manure odour measurement in the Province of Manitoba.


Qiang Zhang,
University of Manitoba


Status: Completed
Started: 1998-09-23
Completed: 1999-05-10

Funding Partners: who have contributed to MLMMI in support of this project:
ARDI - $14,000
MRAC - $13,000

Manitoba Pork Council and industry groups - $14,000
Amount Funded: $41,000.00
Performer Funded: $0.00
Total Cost: $41,000.00


Project completed (equipment purchased May 10, 1999)
Olfactometry service available by arrangement with U of M.


Request was for funding for a piece of equipment to establish an odour sensory laboratory in Manitoba. The olfactometer was purchased and olfactometry services are available by arrangement with the Department of Biosystems Engineering at the University of Manitoba.

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