Novel Technology for Hog Manure Odour Control/Remediation

Project: MLMMI 98-01-19


To test currently available crystal engineered compounds for the feasibility of applying these adsorptive solids to the process of hog manure odour management/remediation.


Michael Zaworotko
University of Winnipeg
(Currently at the University of Southern Florida, Tampa FL)


Status: Completed
Started: 1998-12-03
Completed: 1999-12-03

Funding Partners: who have contributed to MLMMI in support of this project:
HEMS - $14,038
Manitoba Pork Council and industry groups - $21,262

Amount Funded: $35,300.00
Performer Funded: $10,150.00
Total Cost: $45,450.00


Final Report received December 3/99


The project explores application of crystal engineering principles to establish the ability of organic clays and metal-organic coordination polymers to retain odour-causing molecules through sorption or adsorption as an odour control and remediation process. The sorption capability of each material was compared with activated charcoal.

The study suggests the two materials could be incorporated into a design for a sensor to identify odour problems related to manure storage or transportation and that the adsorption capacity of the synthetic materials exceeds current industry standards.


Full Report

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