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Feeding a Growing World

Manitoba pork producers are proud to provide consumers at home and abroad with some of the best tasting and highest quality pork in the world.

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  • Manitoba is a world leader in raising some of the healthiest, safest, and most nutritious pork.
  • All retailed Canadian pork is raised without added growth hormones.
  • Because of Manitoba’s ability to produce pork on a larger scale, Manitobans have access to some of the most affordable pork in the world.

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Pork is naturally low in sodium and a good source of potassium – two nutrients that, when combined, can help regulate blood pressure.

Pork is loaded with 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including important B vitamins like B6 and B12. Your body depends on replenishing these B vitamins every day to function properly. Pork is also an excellent source of selenium, a mineral that acts like an antioxidant to help prevent and repair cell damage.

Pork is the leading food source of thiamin, an important B vitamin that releases energy from carbohydrates, builds and repairs nerves and muscles, and regulates appetite. Pork is the best meat source of riboflavin; it helps keep your nervous system, skin, and eyes healthy.

To learn more about the health benefits of eating pork, visit our Nutrition page.


Canadian health regulations prohibit meat products that contain antibiotic residue.

Sometimes, antibiotics are required to fight infection and disease in both humans and animals. Without the responsible and timely use of antibiotics, bacterial infections and illnesses can spread rapidly on a farm, which endangers the health of our animals.

Hog farmers work closely with veterinarians to ensure the health of their animals. Canada has a stringent meat inspection system that ensures only healthy pigs are processed and that no antibiotic residue is present in the meat. All medications used to raise hogs have been approved by Health Canada. Antibiotics are only used to treat sick hogs when it is known that the medication will provide measurable benefits to maintaining animal health.

To learn more on the use of antibiotics, visit our Food page


Canadian farmers never use growth hormones to raise pigs.

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Manitoba Pork represents 624 Manitoba hog farms

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